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Want to know more about The Summit Development?
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Welcome To The Summit

A Brief History of Modern Architecture

The Summit is a brand new Development based on the same theories & designs as in the Nordic countries, however we have added some fresh layouts and made up grades on the preceding layouts. Located on 15 rai of land at a scenic landscape with surrounding pineapple fields, hills, lakes and views. In The Summit you may discover house plans that are modern with clean lines, simple proportions layouts and natural light. Our layouts are all of the famous type of architecture, that is developed since the 1920s with shallow-pitched or horizontal roofs, large expanses of glass, and strong links into back yard, high ceilings, plastered walls are faculties of Modern house plans. The storyline supplements the modern-style home, in to al fresco living rooms turning space.

Our Structures, facilities & services are well thought out right down to the tiniest detail. We leave for nothing to chance. The Summit is at the forefront of contemporary living- in environment and energy – from Hua Hin.

Compare us with all the rest and you will see why The Summit Development will be an best-seller.

Timeless Design

Designs made from The Summit, has a high new- and – re sale value, realtors always mention that it’s a The Summit Villa , they need available in market. We are able to compare ourselves. Premium quality materials, optimum usability & craftsmanship explain our houses and the structure that never becomes outdated.

Time Never Stands Still …

New Trends in Property Management

In order that they may continue to live up to the constantly shifting requirements of today in The Summit we develop our house types. New trends appear, family patterns vary with all fresh and distinct needs to follow a long with Legislation should be respected and the environment performs a role that is prominent.
The middle of the job is our development at which our architects, engineers and other technicians collects and processes all the experience behind the structure. We research into apparatus, structures and construction materials that are most useful possible, thus we always make sure to be in Thailand.

In summary, we make certain you get value for the money when deciding on a Summit house.

Cutting Edge Construction

We ensure all of our houses will be with the most recent power LED bulbs spot lights, exclusive manufacturing, low power water heaters, German water-pipes & cuttingedge of environment-safe salt water pools & Fiberglass Pools, Swimspas, Lava Saunas, SONOS incorporated music systems, Cisco Routers, higher Speed Fiber Internet, key-card system, CCTV, Automated Alarm-Systems all controller with an impression in the cell mobile. It’s a fantastic advantage in the shape of energy intake. Also plumbing were found by us at the walls arrangement which may be useful for wiring of most kinds of telecommunications, television or information signs. IHC (Intelligent House Control), IHC Net solution zenzehome, Central vacuum, and automatic drapes, garden security systems, etc., is all about your own wishlist, it might readily be incorporated in to our houses. We help with information based on expertise and years of experience, if you’re uncertain about your choices.

With Summit house you’re well shielded – even later on.

As the first developer in Hua Hin, Thailand we put in as conventional in our Villas Cat 6 Ethernet wires in every bedrooms and livingroom to get Smart TVs along with USB charging sockets.   IT Universe of cutting edge fiber HD IP TV & IP tech.

– An Improved Smart Home-

When You Decide to build your brand new dream home together with The Summit In progress, you’re as your partner that is professional assured individuals are going to construct a’s most useful house that is standard in comparison with price. We standout of other construction businesses in various ways, you’ll have confidence that individuals don’t compromise despite prices per squaremeter, and the details are all considered.

In The Summit Hua Hin Developemnt we enjoy building houses which can be technical but simple to use and maintain. We choose recognized and lasting instruments that take at least control, functionality and maintenance. We’ll, obviously, get the remedy to meet specifications, that offers the very ideal relaxation and economy from the purchase price and utilize, but we also highlight it needs to do the job nicely, and chooses only branded name providers where we all may rest certain of service and quality levels that meet our very own superior standards.

We’ve always seen this as a core service for The Summit Hua Hin Development, to produce a house or apartment with energy efficient pumps, windows and lights, with the ideal insulating material under the roof and also at the outside walls. All these will be the principles matters that, for energy saving, unlike the home installations, won’t be substituted after 10, 15 or even 20 decades, but are employed through the patios life.

We would like to create one of the greatest low-energy home, therefore contact with our construction consultants to get more info and house layouts.

Professional Design & Superior

Our houses were created by our architects and in house engineers. They customize your house that is smart, and also will assist you with the way, and that means that you may realize of your housing wants and layouts.

Review Your Build Process

We’ll direct & service you get through the buy & build means of one’s Summit house, by the touch of the building contract into the conclusion notice of your home and also and 1-year totally free inspection of the residence and also a warranty of five years ahead of structure.

Our advisers make certain you realize your home job down for the very last detail before beginning. We call it all knowledge, and we simply take it seriously. For once your home is assembled, it has to live up to of your fantasies and aims.

Begin your Summit travel and receive an summary of your build process – step by step together with your experienced sales team.

Offer the broad selection of kind of lamps and design furniture out of Denmark. From the 1920s, Danish designers adopted the fundamentals of Bauhaus modernism in furniture style and design, creating fresh, pristine outlines predicated in an comprehension of modern design furniture craftsmanship combined with attentive research to materials, proportions and also certain prerequisites of the anatomy together with famous designers like Arne Jacobsen. The Summit Provide the full design furniture package for most new homes.

The Option Of Materials Can Be Section of The Summit Quality

To construct your house can be an issue of choosing your exclusive style. The selection of materials is vital for the wellness from your house.
That is the reason why we usually do not believe that it’s an activity to be dismissed. It is one of the procedures during the house buy, that explains the reason why we’ve chosen to have materials advisers in The Summit. Their task would be to counsel and direct you to be stored within our show rooms and has each day approximately.

A thrilling afternoon by which I together throughout all of the house’s conventional stuff and needless to say taking a look at the alternatives you can expect – both without and with additional penalties. It should obviously be noted that the default option of substance is currently of very Large grade – really, possibly the finest on the marketplace…

And so the option of substances at a house consistently boils right down to preference, and also the most crucial is the fact that it reflects your own family’s specific personality of living.

You’re always welcome to see at our show room houses to a open house every single day of this week, and that you obviously will see a lot of inspiration from the substances selected.

Welcome to The Summit Universe, begin to become part of it today before its late…. .
Our importance of fantastic design where form and work would be a regular joy at quite sensible rates.

With the most important room in the house, the kitchen we create room for the entire family having fun together. Novel summer-break at the dining table from the Ipad. Love a conversation whenever veggies are sliced by you. Help children. Be impulsive and do what springs to mind. We make an area that provides you the ability to begin your day with a grin.

We also look your bathroom, therefore every one in the household may appreciate a quiet break for it self. Comfort and therefore are intended to provide you. This you’ll end up filled with energy daily.

We all know you’ll be glad with your brand new wardrobes that’s every thing on the ideal shelf. Whether you dream about this large cupboard, cabinets for storage or kiddies at the space area. In addition, we help with making distance for utility distance by altering wardrobes, stairwells and corners.