The Summit Residence Development  Offers World-Renowned Property Design To Thai Buyers…..

Simply stating that a design concept has been internationally iconized
may convince some, but here’s it hard example for the rest: The famous egg chair…by Arne Jacobsen.

You don’t need an image to picture it; we all know it. Mimicking one of the world’s most simple natural shapes, the chair’s unexpected round and smooth profile naturally lends itself to act as the focal point in any room it’s placed. But it’s not just the curved elegance of the design that makes it standout piece; it is also invitingly comfortable. The synthesis of powerfully simple design and obvious functionality is what made this particular piece of furniture incredibly famous; a shining example of the Scandinavian school of design it was born from.

Made even more famous by landmarks like the Sydney Opera House, Scandinavian design extends much further than pieces of furniture. It can be applied to every element of a property, from the color of the floor to the height of the windows. The design concept focuses on minimalism, functionality and breathabihty in a space, emphasizing the use of neutral colors, high ceilings, natural light, and smooth, continuous lines…

Providing quite the contrast from traditional Thai design which commonly features shaded spaces, winged edges, dark woods and ornate details, some newly-developed properties of Scandinavian design, currently being built in Hua Hin will be a breath of fresh air for investors and home-seekers in Thailand.

Scandinavian Designed Properties In Hua Hin
Just tree hours east of Bangkok, a new development in Hun Hin called The Summit Residences will be an authentic example of Scandinavian design.

Each villa design type offers something different to their buyers, all will be fully fitted with Danish modern kitchens, bathrooms and furnitures.

The Summit Show House Villa is by for the standout property on the development; the “egg chair of The Summit,” if you will. It’s built in an unorthodoxly rounded still’ shape, with the common areas of the house fit its core. Thus, the private areas of the home revolve around the spaciou living and dining area. Overlooking a private designer pool, the large central room will be enclosed by retractable glass walls, allowing the uninterrupted indoor space to become completely open-air.

When asked about the unique design of The Summit villas, the developer behind The Summit explained that the properties take inspiration from some of the world’s most famous Scandinavian designers to offer a kind of property never-before-seen in Thailand.

“We’ve selected the designs that we love, and the design clements of the Summit villa are ones seek to incorporate into every design we make. We want to create homes that allow for free movement, free thinking, and will inspire you every day.

Free Thinking
The notion of a space cantering to “free thinking” is too aligned with Scandinavian design. With functionality and miniru alism ingrained into all aspects of the designed space, there are no frills, bells or whistles that get in the way of daily living, As this is simply the nature of the design, the benefits are enjoyed within all of the The Summit Hua Hin properties regardless of price. A great place to plan your retirement in Hua Hin.