The Summit Evolutionary Smart Homes Is Here…

The Summit Opens The Future Of Smart Homes In Thailand

The Summit Residence is the first development in Hua Hin, Thailand, who prepare all new homes for the future…

Watching Tv has never been this smart & easy, with The Summit Residence,  your new The Summit home is connected directly to the world with smart technologies in all rooms, and it is standard in all new The Summit Hua Hin homes.

Take control of smart interaction in your new smart home with The Summit Residence. With The Summit’s smart homes your are connected to the world 24h, discover live tv, streaming content, apps, games, social media, movies at all times.

Watch You Favorit Tv Channels From Your Home Country

The Summit Residence make you connect your Smart Tv direct to the internet so you can watch the channels you use to watch back (home), or skype with your family direct from your smart tv, a world of digital entertainment at your fingertips.

All The Summit smart homes supports Full Ultra HD (4K) on your smart tv with speeds up to 100 mbps, and with free Iptv tv channels in all bedrooms and living rooms in HD together with 3BB. No need for a old fashion satellite dish on your roof. The Summit Residence opens up the future of living in a smart home in Hua Hin, close to the International Black Mountain golf course & 10 minutes from the new Bluport shopping mall & beach.

Upgrade your old home to a wireless The Summit Smart home, we can make it possible to use smart home automation solutions in your daily life & when you are away 24h. Connect your ip cameras wireless to your The Summit Smart home and watch your new house from the distance 24 h, and also on your smart phone. Or listen live to your favorit local radio station any time and any where.

The Summit makes it easy and have prepared your New Hua Hin Real Estate smart home for the future…

So why not choose a new State Of The Art The Summit smart home right now, contact us now to hear more: [email protected]