We are always aiming to use the best materials and the newest techniques available, this also applies for our swimming pools. At The Summit we build high-quality swimming pools with salt water system, with extra supporting foundation, water proof concrete, zeolite filters (media recommended by the World Health Organisation and Australian government), high capacity pumps and last but not least we use a special designer coating replacing standard tiles & grouting for the interior of the pool. This kind of coating is durable and long lasting and comes in many different color options which will give your pool a unique and exclusive modern design.

Beadcrete pools hua hin Hua Hin Swimming pool build in any shape you like!

The Summit development build the best pools in Hua Hin. Choose any colour for your Pool at the Summit Hua Hin Exclusive swimming pools being build as you choose!


Beadcrete® looks remarkable under both natural and artificial lights. Beadcrete provides a superior color range including custom colors. The results are stunning. The surface has a 3-Dimensional effect. Available in a range of designer colours, this remarkable finish enhances the visual effect contemporary architecture demands.

Smooth, colourful and durable for new pools and renovating old concrete pools, spas, fountains & water features, etc.

Beadcrete ® is the ultimate choice because:
Does justice to your designs — a quality, classic finish that compliments today’s outstanding pool designs and designer landscape architecture.
Beadcrete® flows with the shape of your pool, finished smooth and flat by steel toweling.

Beadcrete® can be applied to the tightest of curves.

It’s your choice — there is a comprehensive range of vibrant colors to choose from and custom color matching is available
Experience the added dimension — refracting light dancing beneath the water’s shimmering surface brings the pool “to life”
Easy on the skin — smooth, non-slip, luxurious texture and “feel” & No Band-Aids or shocks required!

Accredited applicators — only qualified, accredited tradesmen are allowed to apply Beadcrete® to your pool.
Above all – Relax & Enjoy — polymeric cement modification means very low maintenance, highly stain resistant, lower chemical costs, increased durability and…..more time having fun!

Discover the difference yourself — see some Beadcrete® finished pools, you can talk to those who own the pools, inspections by appointment.
Expect constant interruptions — The drawing power of your Beadcrete® pool will mean friends and neighbors will find more time to drop in and say “Hello…”.

With Beadcrete the options are endless…

The Summit Friendly To The Environment

What’s Else Possible? Fiber Glass Pools!

Advantages of a Summit Fiberglass Pool at premium excellent finish — is sold with a gel coating finish, that will be very smooth to the touchscreen. The pool’s surface is some other sharp borders, or non-abrasive, so that there will not be any rough endings. It also seems fantastic under the feet, although this isn’t just a more healthy option. And at the colour theme you decide to coordinate with your planning of your house. .

Permanent and robust — still another benefit of swimming pools is that their durability and durability. The fiberglass is very elastic than other Kinds of Pools, notably concrete and vinyl pools, Have to Be restored following 10 Decades, and also the prices of renovating a swimming pool could be enormous… if you put in a Summit Swimming pool, it is going to persist for a life , zero renovations this usually means you won’t need to get more money.

Quick and effortless maintenance — fiber glass pools include a gel coating finish and also the casing of this swimming pool is non porous, this inturn prevents the development of algae, that will be quite vital in tropical climates. Maintenance is not complex, but it is very costly if it comes to different kinds of pools, and also many chemicals are demanded. With fiber glass pools, the using chemicals is somewhat reduced, and also the running costs are a lot lower and include attractive look and design….