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On this page we compile all the questions we get from our customers & partners and share them with you!

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Q: How big is the The Summit?
A: The land is 15 Rai

Q: How many plot are available in The Summit ?
A: We have only 19 plot for sale

Q: What are the villa plot sizes?
A: From 424 to 1200 sq.m!

Q: What are the villa sizes?
A: We have divided the living area of each villa type into internal living area (livingrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens etc) and external living area (terraces, balconies, roof top terraces etc.) and the total build up area (including carport, swimming pool, etc)

Q: What size are the villa pools?
A: The pool sizes depends on the villa type and is up to you, we can custom build any pool you like!

Q: What are the costs for electricity & how will i be charged?
A: Each house will have their own electrical meter. PEA charge the owners direct and at the  same rate for electricity as the government charges for this kind of development in this area around 4.5 thb pr. kwh.

Q: What are the costs for water & how will i be charged?
A: Each plot will have their own water meter and will get charge direct and for the same rate for water as the government charges for this kind of development in this area.

Q: How are the ownership rights when purchasing a villa?
A: As all plot are full chanote, you own the land or you can set up a company, we can of course help you with this.

Q: Do i need a lawyer or seek legal advice.
A: The Summit provides our solid & proven standard contracts made by a reputable legal company, but we will always recommend our customers to seek legal advice and do their due diligence before a purchase of property. There are several good independent lawyers in Hua Hin from which you can get legal advice from.

Q: What contracts will have I have to sign?
A: When purchasing a land plot plot, you only need a SALES & PURCHASE AGREEMENT and we will help you if you choose!

Q: What are the maintenance fees and what is included?
A: In the Summit there is No fees or obligations at all, yes you heard right no fees at all!

Q: Do i need to start building right away?

A: There is no obligations at all, its your land and you choose what to do.

Q: Can you build any house i like?
A: Yes, we have our own engineers & architect and they can design any house you like on your terms and conditions