We have chosen our partners we work with very carefully, to ensure you get the best service and quality. To make your new dream house in Hua Hin come true we work with Kvik designer kitchens in Hua Hin.

Once we state our clients are important, we actually mean it! By way of example, Kvik Kitchens contains some rather simple but quite important characteristics.

We have written them down to make sure we never forget them. And so that you will understand just how important you are to us.
Kvik is supplying Danish designer solutions for low rates for at least 30 years. Kvik Kitchen Hua Hin revolutionised the kitchen sector with innovative design, rapid shipping and surprisingly very low prices.

The concept stays the same to this day, and Kvik still continue to grow. So we are still providing design-led kitchens at surprisingly low prices at The Summit Development Hua Hin…

Kvik continues to be a significant place in the European home-kitchen market for more than 30 years. As of 2016, Kvik operate 150 stores globally, Kvik is quickly growing across Asia. Kvik kitchen now operate 17 stores in Thailand alone, with further expansion planned for nearby Cambodia. We similarly have plans to go into the Middle East area with a store in United Arab Emirates. That is why we offer three different service levels, ranging from ‘Do It Yourself’ into ‘Make It Easy’. It’s all up to you!

Kvik takes the view that everyone has a right to some trendy kitchen. That is precisely why KVIK take every chance to beat the costs of any additional kitchen pros. You are extremely welcome to put us to the exam.

In Kvik we take pride in creating quality products it is possible to enjoy for several decades. In the unlikely event damages must happen, our warranty policy is absolutely transparent – and without all the ‘boring stuff’ in fine print. That’s your assurance that we’ll acknowledge your reclamation. A kitchen can not readily be returned or replaced if you decide that you do not like it. So as to create ideal circumstances for your layout and decision making process, we’ve created the Kvik Designzone, where you always have the option to satisfy our friendly kitchen pros for advice.

Selected assortment of Danish designs

Kvik aren’t selling odd things that nobody actually wants. Kvik Hua Hin just sell a carefully constructed and selected portfolio of Danish Designs — which everybody needs! And makes sure to make it easier for you to decide without placing any restrictions on your imagination.

Homes of all shapes and sizes

All kitchens appear great in the magazines, but in ‘the real World’ people’s homes are as distinct as people are as humans. But thanks to our own assignments we can adjust and adapt our kitchens all to fulfill your needs and the dimensions of your dwelling. As an instance, we package and provide our kitchens at streamlined apartment packages and also offer 3 different service levels, ranging from “Do It Yourself” to “Make It Easy”. In reality, we are so pleased with our prices that we’ve printed them at our pricelist. At Kvik nothing gets hidden away! — except possibly for your kitchen utensils.”

Quick delivery

Do you also hate waiting? — perhaps you just purchased a brand new kitchen and actually just need to begin using it. Well, with us you will know right away why we’re called ‘Kvik’ (‘Quick’ in Danish). Kvik can deliver the majority of our bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms within fourteen days. So it is possible to start getting excited!

Everybody has the right into a cool kitchen

And last – but not least — we are just human! Mistakes can occur in real Life — but infrequently. However, should we make a mistake — we will repair it! As our client, you’ve got faith, and we always strive to be certain that we fulfill your expectations in most respects. We are not kidding when we say “Everybody ought to have a cool kitchen!” .”