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Modern Cutting Edge Construction

Future proofing is of great importance for The Summit designer homes. It is already reflected in our modern house building. Some of the many details of our exclusive houses is that we ensure all our houses are with the newest low power LED bulbs spotlights, exclusive low power water pumps, German water pipes & cutting edge of environment friendly saltwater pools, Fiberglass Pools, SONOS integrated sounds systems, High Speed Fiber Internet, Key card lock system, CCTV, Automated alarm systems all control with a touch from your smart phone. It is a great advantage in the form of substantially low power consumption. Also we can installed pipes in the wall structure that can be used for wiring of all types of data, TV or telecommunications signals. So we avoid visible cables if you later want new technology that is not wireless.

The Summit Hua Hin, the Smart Automated Homes of the future….

A World Of Possibilities.

Stands IHC (Intelligent House Control), IHC Net solution zenzehome, Central vacuum, automated curtains, garden sprinkler systems, etc. on your wish list, it can easily be integrated into our houses regardless house model. If you are uncertain about your many options, we help qualified advice based on extensive knowledge and years of experience.

With a house in The Summit Hua Hin you are well protected – even in the future –
As the only developer in Thailand, we install as standard in all our villas Cat 6 Ethernet cables in all living and bedrooms for Smart TVs and USB charging sockets. We will connect you home to the world outside like nobody else does…

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– Just A Better Home –

When you choose to build your new dream house with us as your professional partner, you in advance already assured that you build the industry’s best standard house. We stand out from other construction companies in many ways, including know that everything is thought out to the smallest detail, and that we do not compromise on quality despite very competitive prices per square meter.

We take pride in building houses that anyone can figure out how to operate, and where it is not the technique that determines the family living in the house. So technically durable and proven devices that require a minimum of operation, control, and maintenance. We will, of course, find the solution to fit the area, which provides the best comfort and economy in the purchase and use, but we also emphasize that it all should work well, and selects only branded name suppliers where we can be assured of quality and service meet our own quality standards.

But because the essence and the main prerequisite for a low energy house are after all the building envelope. So the house “should”, ie its foundation, exterior walls, and roof. Therefore, we have always regarded it as a core service for The Summit Hua Hin to supply a house with energy efficient pumps, lights, and windows, with some of the best insulation under the roof and in the outer walls. These are things which, unlike the housing technical installations, not to be replaced after 10, 15 or 20 years, but have to be applied throughout its life.

We want to build you the best low-energy house, so contact our consultants for further information and house designs.